What country of America should I visit? 10 reasons to visit Paraguay

Paraguay is not only the heart of America, it’s not only a country with two official languages; Spanish and Guaraní. We are going to make a list to give you reasons to visit Paraguay if you are reading this from a foreign nation.

1 – Peculiar and delicious gastronomy

The Paraguayan gastronomy has some peculiarities, for example we have a solid soup. Cassava is a must at lunch and starch and corn are the basis of many of the dishes

Paraguayan meat is one of the best in the world. The World Steak Challenge is a global contest to choose the best meat in the world. Out of a total of 83 samples from 17 countries, Paraguayan meat obtained the silver medal and the best position among the countries of the American continent ahead of the United States, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

A barbecue with a lot of cassava and chipa guasú is the closest thing that can exist to paradise.

2- Adventures in hills, waterfalls and rivers.

When it comes to describing all the natural wonders of Paraguay, words are not enough.
I recommend following this account that shows tourist places of Paraguay:

Instagram of Discover Paraguay

Information about tourist places can be found on the following page: https://www.senatur.gov.py/

3 – The Wild Chaco

In the Chaco Region is the largest wetland in the world and a paradise for birds, reptiles, and many other wild animals.

A place away from everything, special to camp and enjoy the starry night without light pollution.

4 – Ruins and monuments with a lot of history

The passage of the Jesuits and Franciscans left traces in the country, there are monuments and ruins with a lot of history.

5 – The warmth and hospitality of the people

Despite a bad day or what can happen to the Paraguayan always receives you with a smile, their home is your home, and if you lack food, they share with you. Something that can be corroborated by any foreigner who has passed through the country is the warmth, hospitality and happiness of the people.

6 – The lifestyle in the countryside

The visit of a foreigner would be a waste if only limited to the main cities, the essence of Paraguay is in the countryside, that is where one experiences the best version of the people and where you can appreciate an unforgettable peace and tranquility.

7 – The culture of mate and tereré.

There is nothing better in cold climates than a rich mate and in hot climates than a good tereré. Beyond its benefits to climate behavior is the perfect excuse to share a talk with loved ones and strangers.

Fuente: KaiAriel

8 – Festivals, processions and festive dates.

Expo, festivals, religious processions, there are a lot of events that are made in a big way throughout the year. In the following link the events with their dates and places and the spectacular photographs of Zenoura.

Events in this link: https://www.bienvenidoaparaguay.com/anuales.php

9 – The unique craftsmanship.

The ñandutí, the ao po’i, are some of the outstanding crafts of the country, so there is also much art in wood, silver, wool or pottery.

There are cities like San Miguel that are practically decorated with crafts

10 – For its history of struggle and sacrifice.

Paraguay faced terrible wars, such as the triple-alliance war in which it faced a clear disadvantage against three countries, and where it lost a large part of its population and geography, then returned to suffer a war against Bolivia. And if that were not enough, he also suffered one of the longest dictatorships in America. All this limited the economic growth of the country but also formed a fighting character in the face of adversity in the Paraguayans.

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